Arccos Caddie är det smidigaste sättet att samla in och se statistik om ditt spel (samt få hjälp med spelstrategi). För att göra insamlingen av statistik för puttningen enklare har man nu gjort gemensam sak med SuperStroke.

I två av SuperStroke-greppen, CounterCore och Traxion, kan man nu sätta en Arccos Caddie-puttersensor i greppets så kallade Tech-Port. Det är ett stort framsteg eftersom jag upplevet att den lite större puttersensorn har en förmåga att trilla ut lite då och då.

Redan tidigare har bland andra Cobra och Ping lanserat grepp med integrerade Arccos-sensorer och fler lär följa.

Något svenskt pris har inte meddelats, men du kan köpa puttersensorn för SuperStrokes Tech-Port direkt från Arccos för 23 euro.

Läs hela pressmeddelandet här:
-Arccos Caddie Smart Sensors now compatible with SuperStroke Tech-Port Putter Grips-

Arccos Golf, the pioneer of big data and artificial intelligence for golf, has joined forces with SuperStroke to launch an accessory that enables its Arccos Caddie Sensors to be seamlessly integrated into all SuperStroke CounterCore and Traxion putter grips with an existing Tech-Port.

Developed through close collaboration between award-winning Arccos and SuperStroke engineers, the new accessory meets the growing demand from the rapidly expanding global Arccos Caddie user base and aligns with SuperStroke’s position as the No. 1 putter grip in golf.

The accessory consists of a custom-built housing that attaches the Arccos Caddie Putter Sensor to a SuperStroke CounterCore or Traxion putter grip, together with a tightening tool and SuperStroke wrench.

The revolutionary Arccos Caddie platform provides shot tracking data across every club in the bag and was recently adopted by PING, having been proven as a valuable game-improving technology while embedded in Cobra KING F8 and F9 golf clubs over the past two years.

It automatically tracks and analyses a user’s on-course performance via an ultralight sensor in each club grip and a smartphone app. It then deploys artificial intelligence, developed in partnership with Microsoft, to show users their optimal strategy and predicted outcome for every shot on any hole in the world. This is calculated based on an individual’s shot history, other users’ performance, wind speed and direction, elevation changes, hole geometry, hazard locations and more. Last year, players using Arccos Caddie for at least ten rounds, achieved a 3.79 stroke average handicap improvement.

“Golfers in the Arccos community are passionate about harnessing the latest innovations to improve their on-course performance, which is exactly why a large number of our users choose SuperStroke Traxion putter grips with a Tech-Port,” said, Arccos CEO and Co-founder Sal Syed. “That’s why we’re thrilled to add this product to our growing portfolio of offerings, including those developed in partnership with leading global brands like Cobra Puma Golf, PING and Microsoft.”

Commenting on the partnership, Dean Dingman, CEO of SuperStroke USA, said: “For more than a decade, we’ve pushed the innovation envelope and are continuing along that path through this collaboration with Arccos. We’re happy to provide Arccos Caddie users with an integrated solution for connecting a smart sensor to our performance-driven putter grips.”