En vidareutvecklad träffyta, det man kallar Flash Face SS20, är den riktiga nyheten och kompletteras med Callaways patenterade Jailbreak Technology för att leverera utrahög bollhastighet. Var och en av de tre drivermodellerna har en särskilt utvecklad träffyta som passar för huvudets storlek, form och tyngdpunkt.Komplexiteten gör att Flash Face SS20 kräver ett nytt och starkare material -- FS2S titanium – så att den ultratunna träffytan klarar påfrestningarna och klubban klarar påfrestningen när den höga bollhastigheten levereras.

För första gången har Callaway också använt AI för att ta fram en intern ribbstruktur som ger mer effektiv kontroll  över vibrationerna i träffen, vilket ger bättre ljud och känsla. De Callaway-spelare som redan testat MAVRIK-drivern hyllade alla ljudet och känslan.

Även fairwayklubborna har en Flash Face-träffyta som AI-designats för varje loft, storlek, form och tyngdpunkt. Här består den av höghållfast C300 maraging-stål. Här finns också en vidareutvecklad Face Cup som gör klubban mycket förlåtande.

Det finns tre Mavrik-modeller - Standard, Sub Zero och MAX – vilket ger alla typer av spelare möjlighet att välja en klubba som passar dem. Klubborna kommer till shoparna den 23 januari.

Hybriden Mavrik kommer i tre herrmodeller och en version för damer – och även här är det AI som gjort jobbet med den individuellt designade träffytan för de olika MAVRIK-hybridernas loft. Tillsammans med stort motstånd mot vridning och optimering av tyngdpunkten är alla MAVRIK-hybrider extremt lättspelade och långa. För första gången har Callaway-hybrider också försetts med en optimerad Flash Face-träffyta för högre bollhastighet över en större del av träffytan.

Även Mavrik-järnklubborna finns i tre herrmodeller och en dammodell. Det är också premiär för AI-design och här är det en individuell Flash Face Cup för varje enskilt huvud som ger en rejält ökad bollhastighet. Det här är en rejält tekniktung pjäs med bland annat Callaways Tungsten Energy Core och Urethane Microspheres. Den individuella designen gör att de långa järnen kan ge bättre utgångsvinkel och längd medan de korta järnen är optimerade för spinn och precision.

Hybriderna och järnklubborna kommer den sjätte februari.

Läs hela pressmeddelandet nedan:

(Chessington, UK – January 14, 2020) Today Callaway Golf (NYSE: ELY), an industry leader in golf equipment innovation, introduced its new line of MAVRIK Drivers, Fairway Woods, Hybrids and Irons. By investing in a new and more powerful supercomputer, Callaway’s R&D team advanced its ability to use Artificial Intelligence (A.I.) and Machine Learning to design wide-ranging performance features and technologies that have been incorporated across the entire MAVRIK line.

MAVRIK Drivers
MAVRIK Drivers feature Callaway’s new Flash Face SS20 architecture, designed by A.I., with a more expansive area that delivers ultra-fast ball speeds working in conjunction with Callaway’s proven Jailbreak Technology. Each driver model’s face is designed to work with the individual specifications of each head – size, shape, CG location, footprint, internal weighting – to maximise distance. The complexity of each Flash Face SS20 design demands a new and stronger material -- FS2S titanium -- to allow the ultra-thin design to stand up to the stress of impact, allowing MAVRIK Drivers to maintain fast ball speed without compromising clubface integrity.

Callaway engineers didn’t limit A.I. to the clubface. For the first time they used it to create a new internal rib system designed to more efficiently control impact vibration to promote more satisfying sound and feel. Callaway Tour Staff pros who tested and provided feedback during the MAVRIK Driver development universally praised the sound and feel.

In addition, MAVRIK Drivers leverage several proven technologies that are crucial to the overall performance – Jailbreak and a T2C triaxial carbon crown. Jailbreak features two internal bars that connect the sole and crown to promote faster ball speed, and the T2C triaxial carbon crown is significantly lighter to raise MOI and forgiveness.

MAVRIK Fairway Woods
MAVRIK Fairway Woods feature a unique, A.I.-designed Flash Face for each loft that’s finely tuned to work specifically with the size, shape, CG location of that particular head to promote the optimum, distance-enhancing combination of speed and spin. Face material consists of C300 maraging steel to provide added strength and resilience.

A.I. also contributed to the fairway wood’s enhanced Face Cup, which is engineered to provide speed across the face. And Callaway’s proven Jailbreak Technology promotes more distance at every impact location by utilising two internal bars that connect the crown and the sole. Jailbreak stabilises and stiffens these two parts, allowing the face to work more efficiently.

Three MAVRIK Driver and Fairway Wood Models: Standard, Sub Zero and MAX
To give every type of player an option, MAVRIK Drivers and Fairway Woods are available in a Standard model that appeals to a wide range of players, a Sub Zero model that offers a remarkable combination of fast ball speed, low spin and high MOI, and a MAX model that combines extremely easy launch with slice-fighting weight distribution.

MAVRIK Drivers and Fairway Woods will be available at retail in Europe from January 23, 2020.

MAVRIK Hybrids
Similar to the fairway woods, Callaway leveraged A.I. to develop a different face design for every MAVRIK Hybrid loft to promote an optimal combination of speed, launch angle and spin rate in every club. That, combined with high MOI and optimised CG locations, gives every MAVRIK Hybrid an extraordinary combination of easy launch, fast ball speed and long distance. Additionally, these are the first Callaway hybrids to feature a fully optimised Flash Face, which is better at delivering fast ball speed across an exceptionally large area.

MAVRIK Hybrid Models: Three Men’s, One Women’s
The key differences between the MAVRIK Hybrid models is size and shaping. The Standard is mid-sized with a squared off toe, designed to seamlessly transition into any iron set. The MAX has a similar shape to the Standard hybrid, but boasts a larger body and deeper CG, creating higher MOI for more forgiveness. The Pro has a compact head shaped more like a fairway wood, with a cambered sole. This promotes the kind of neutral ball flight preferred by better players and Tour pros. One women’s MAVRIK Hybrid model is available, MAX-W.

MAVRIK Hybrids will be available at retail in Europe from February 6, 2020.

For the first time, these new irons feature a Flash Face Cup designed by A.I. to work with each individual head’s size, shape, CG location and loft designation to promote distance and control throughout the set, creating a significant boost in ball speed. But that’s just part of the technology package. Callaway’s proven Tungsten Energy Core optimises performance with custom tungsten weights, precisely and positioned within the head, to optimise launch and trajectory.

Callaway has also included proprietary Urethane Microspheres, its premium technology that creates unmatched feel and incredible speed. Over one million microspheres are strategically placed into each clubhead to absorb unwanted vibration while maximising COR. The result is an unparalleled combination of fast ball speed and phenomenal feel throughout the set.

The use of A.I. also allowed Callaway to enhance the performance characteristics of each iron face. In the long irons, the faces are designed for launch and speed, while in the mid-irons the faces are engineered for speed and spin consistency. Lastly, in the short irons, the faces are optimised for spin and precision to promote pinpoint shot-making.

MAVRIK Iron Models: Three Men’s, One Women’s
MAVRIK Irons are available in three models, Standard, Pro and MAX. Standard offers an excellent all-around combination of size, speed, forgiveness, feel, distance and control. Pro is designed to appeal to better players, with a compact head, thinner sole and topline, and minimal offset, making it easier to shape shots and promote differing trajectories. MAX irons combine the largest head size with an extremely low CG, making them remarkably easy to launch on a high, long-carrying trajectory. One women’s MAVRIK Irons model is available, MAX-W.

MAVRIK Irons will be available at retail in Europe from February 6, 2020.

A Rebellious and Disruptive Spirit
“We’ve consciously adopted a maverick’s rebellious and disruptive spirit to aid in our pursuit of better-performing equipment,” said Dr. Alan Hocknell, Callaway SVP of R&D. “Using A.I. is a great example of that approach. Since we started using A.I. to help us design better golf equipment, we’ve increased our understanding of its capabilities and power. That’s helped us to create innovative new features and technologies, like those in MAVRIK equipment, that defy convention and promote performance beyond the golfer’s expectation. As we embark on a new decade, we’re confident in our ability to use A.I. to continue pushing boundaries through innovation.”