Ett gammalt R7-set från TaylorMade för 125 dollar är normalt inget man blir upphetsad över. Billiga gamla golfklubbor finns det gott om, men när man läser beskrivningen är det inte utan att man känner ett litet sug efter att bli mer bekant med "The Squad".

Så här skriver Paul om sina klubbor (ifall annonsen försvinner):
This is a beautiful, fun-loving set of TaylorMade r7 irons (PW - 4, T Step steel shafts) that I am (reluctantly) selling. They are in amazing condition with normal wear. Oh the stories they could tell you. That day will come, but for now, I’ll share a little more about “the squad” (the irons), and how we became so close.

The Squad and I met for the first time down in South Carolina… I had been part of a group that won a tournament, and was the proud recipient… little did I know how our friendship would blossom.

I had my main set that I used, but that didn’t stop me from getting to know the squad more and more. We became close and I took them along with me for one season. They weren't my main set ever, but each had an important role in improving my golf game over the years. Specifically they really helped me straighten up my natural fade. These draw clubs forced me trust them and learn the feel of the draw, and really helped my consistency. My miss (slice) improved dramatically as well.

They've been sitting in the garage for years... but every so often they would catch my eye. I'd smile... we'd talk about the good times... and yes, sometimes I couldn't help myself, and I'd grab TayTay (9) for a quick backyard getaway to chip a few and relive the past. She was always so good to me.

Each of them are dear to me. Each of them are unique and talented in their own way.

Although reluctant, I'd love for TayTay and "the squad" to be in the hands of someone that is excited to play, improve their game, and build a long lasting friendship. No need for me to be selfish and keep them cooped up any longer. It's not fair to them. They deserve to be back in the sun, making perfect divots (except for Zac, he's a little heavy set), and being affectionately held once again.

If you're just starting out, looking to upgrade, or want a little help with straightening out your fade (slice?), then this squad is for you.

Take care of them. Name them (or keep their current names). Love them. This is a special group that you're now responsible for. They might let you down every once in awhile... Breathe... It's rarely their fault. I encourage you to remember the good times. There will be many.

If you don’t mind, I’d like to say goodbye.

*Sigh* this isn’t easy, Squad.... I never thought the day would come, but I know you have a lot more life to live with someone special.


  • Junior (PW), you were always by my side. I asked a lot of you, and you always delivered. I don’t know if any of the others understood me like you.
  • TayTay (9), oh TayTay. You know you’ll always be my favorite. I didn't deserve you, but thank you for always making me feel like I could do anything. You forged me into the man I am today.
  • George (8), man could you light up the place. I'll never forget all the times we went dancing. You left your mark on me!
  • Rick (7), my swiss army knife. There was nothing you couldn't do. I will miss all your crazy stories!
  • Jennifer/Jay/Jenni (6), we didn't always get along, but I never once doubted your love for me. You'll always be my first (eagle) and I will cherish that forever.
  • Zac (5), dude, you're the best drinking buddy I've ever had. Boy did we have fun after that swing oil got things going. The real conversations and laughs will be missed. I wish you the best my friend. Take care of the squad for me.
  • Miss Victoria (4), I wish we were just meeting now. I was immature, and frankly just wasn't ready for you. Regardless of my youth, you always carried yourself like a Queen with grace and elegance, and made me feel like a king.

Love you, Squad. I will never forget you.

Always yours,


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