Det är lite uttjatat, men värt att nämnas igen. Mizunos järnklubbor är av högsta klass och de klubbor som de flesta proffs skulle spela om de inte hade kontrakt med andra märken. Anledningen är så klart att de är fantastiska klubbor – och dessutom ser riktigt bra ut.

När det gäller drivers har Mizuno nu ganska länge haft riktigt bra klubbor att erbjuda, men de har inte riktigt tagit fart på marknaden – kanske kan nya ST200-serien med drivers och fairwayklubbor råda bot på det?

Det handlar om tre olika drivers, alla med Beta-titan i träffytan och med tre olika bollflykter:

  1. Lågspinnande och förlåtande ST200 med hög stabilitet och bakviktning (4199 kronor).
  2. ST200G för spelare med högre hastighet, med spinn justerbart från medel till ultralågt. Har även Fast Track-justering (4699 kronor).
  3. Lättviktsdrivern ST200X med hög utgångsvinkel och draw-tendens för spelare med lägre svinghastighet (4199 kronor).

Alla tre modellerna har fyra grader loftjustering samt möjlighet till anpassning av lie-vinkeln. Flera skaftalternativ är tillgängliga och ST200X har ett superskaft som bara väger 39 gram!

Fairwayklubbor och en hybrid
I samband med driverlanseringen kommer också fairwayklubborna ST200 och hybriden CLK för den som vill ha en komplett bag. Fairwayklubborna finns i två modeller, ST200 (2999 kronor, för 300 kronor till får du en särskild Tour Spoon-modell) och lättviktsklubborna ST200X (2999 kronor) medan hybriden CLK (2799 kronor) står ensam, men finns i fem olika loft, alla med fyra grader loftjustering.

Läs mer i Mizunos pressmeddelanden nedan.



Mizuno, the Japanese equipment manufacturer founded in Osaka in 1906 has announced that its highly anticipated ST200 Series of metal woods will be made available to the public from February 2020.

The ST200 Series of metal woods has been created through a collaboration between Mizuno’s Japanese and US R&D teams, the first in the brand’s history of metal wood design, to capitalize on the momentum achieved through the Award and Tour-winning ST190 Series. 

“Combining our US and Japan Tour metal wood development is a natural evolution for Mizuno in 2020,” said Chris Voshall from Mizuno. “We can now combine Japan's exotic materials and craftsman's eye for playing profiles with our expertise of working with modern tour players like Keith Mitchell. 2020 is set to be a huge year for Mizuno in metal woods."

The new ST200 has enjoyed fast adoption by contracted and uncontracted Tour players from across the globe. After some early testing at the ZOZO Championship in Japan in November 2019, the first ST200 driver went into play at Sea Island for the PGA Tour’s RSM Classic by an uncontracted player.  While JLPGA Tour Player, Erica Hara, was the first to put the ST200X in her bag for tournament play at the Daio Paper Elleair Ladies in Matsuyama, Ehime, Japan.

The ST200 Series offers a choice of three different head designs in the driver, each with a Beta rich Titanium face and each offering a different ball flight.

Delivering both low spin and significant forgiveness, the ST200 is a high-stability driver for players seeking straight line distance and predictability. Built around a resilient Beta rich forged Titanium face that precisely reaches current tournament regulations and maintains its characteristics over time, the driver is sound engineered for enhanced feedback and control.

A multi thickness, forged SAT Beta 2041 Ti face is incredibly responsive while being 17% stronger and maintaining performance for longer, compared to traditional 6-4 Titanium.

Weight savings from a compacted WAVE Sole and a variable-thickness graphite crown, used low and deep in the head, help deliver both low spin and increased stability from off-centre strikes. An additional 11.6g backweight further enhances low spin efficiency and maximises forgiveness.

The head shape of the ST200 has been refined by Yoro craftsmen in response to special tour requests, meaning a flatter crown and slightly flatter lie angle that will appeal to better players. Meanwhile, a collection of structural refinements help deliver a more TOUR READY, tour-preferred, solid sound at impact.

"The ST200 has some clever engineering tweaks that allow it to be both forgiving and low spinning at the same time – the holy grail of tour drivers. It's incredibly predictable for a driver this long,” said Chris Voshall.

The ST200G has been designed for high swing speed efficiency. It’s even faster from the club face than its predecessor, more reliable on miss-hits, and offers spin rates adjustable from mid to ultra-low.

The ST200G shares many of the same features and benefits as the ST200 in terms of a 17% stronger SAT Beta 2041 Ti face, a TOUR READY shape and pure sound at impact, but has also been engineered for ultimate adjustability via the intuitive FAST TRACK system.  Thanks to twin 7g weights on longer external tracks, the ST200G offers even more effective weight movement, allowing mid/low to ultra-low spin positions.

The ST200X delivers a high launch with a draw bias and has been designed to help those players with mid to lower swing speeds. The lightweight design encourages a higher flight and draw bias and has been designed to work best with Mizuno's own Japan specification MFUSION 39g shaft.
The ST200X head has its own unique shape, additional heel weight and upright lie angle, all working together to encourage a distance-enhancing, high draw flight. It also offers increased ball speeds thanks to Mizuno's new multi-thickness Beta rich forged Titanium face, which is 17% stronger compared to the traditional 6-4Ti.

Like the ST200 and ST200G drivers, the ST200X is loft adjustable by 4 degrees with additional upright and flatter settings. Weight savings from a compacted Wave Sole and variable thickness graphite crown allow weight to be pushed low and deep for low spin, stability and forgiveness.

"The ST200X is a totally new metal wood option for the west – overall more of a traditional Japanese specification. It's just as forgiving as the standard ST200 – but will suit players who lose distance through a consistent fade or a launch too low for their ball speed. To get the very most out of the head design, we'd recommend that the ST200X is matched with the Japan spec FUSION 39-gram graphite shaft," said Voshall.

The impressive ST200 fairway woods feature a new multi-thickness Maraging steel face for increased initial ball speeds. They combine low spin and massive forgiveness for minimal distance loss from off-centre strikes. The fairway woods set up beautifully at address with a modified TOUR-READY profile.

"By utilizing stronger Maraging steel, we have achieved our thinnest ever multi-thickness CORTECH face, which now approaches COR values that are normally reserved for drivers," said David Llewellyn - Director of R&D at Mizuno.

The new MAS1C Maraging steel face and multi-thickness design in the ST200 fairway woods help generate greater energy transfer and faster ball speeds from across the clubface. Weight saved from a compacted Wave Sole and variable-thickness graphite crown has been relocated low and deep to maximise stability without adding spin. A softer leading edge and hosel transition deliver a tour-ready look and a confidence-inspiring profile, while wet weather score lines help to maintain adequate spin and ball flight in damp or wet conditions.

ST200X Fairways Woods
Like the ST200X driver, the ST200X fairway woods have been designed for those with mid and lower swing speeds. A larger footprint fairway wood with an extremely lightweight design to encourage a higher flight and draw bias, the ST200X is designed to work best with Mizuno's own Japan specification MFUSION shaft.

With its own unique shape, larger clubface and wider body with more heel mass - all working together to encourage a distance-enhancing, high draw ball flight.

The generous 3 wood boasts a full Ti driver type construction with a high ball speed Beta rich Ti face. While the 5 and 7 wood both use a steel chassis with multi-thickness Maraging face for greater energy transfer and faster ball speeds.

As with the ST200 fairways, the ST200X offer weight savings from a compacted Wave Sole and variable-thickness graphite crown plus wet weather score lines to maintain spin and ball flight in wet conditions

"It's really interesting to max out a larger 3 wood with a full Titanium chassis and Beta Ti Forged Face. Alongside the Japanese spec MFUSION shaft, this is a great high-launch, draw-biased option for players with more moderate swing speeds,” commented Llewellyn.

The Mizuno ST200 Series appears set to build on the successes of the ST190 Series, which included Keith Mitchell’s landmark PGA Tour victory at the 2019 Honda Classic and a Golf Digest HOT LIST Gold award – Mizuno’s first ever metal wood gold award.

Mizuno has strived to “create the best products for consumers” for 114 years, and the new ST200 Series adheres firmly to that original spirit and desire, while offering the best performance benefits that modern technology can bring. #MizunoST200 #ReachBeyond

ST200 woods will be available at retail from February 2020.



Mizuno, the Japanese golf equipment manufacturer founded in Osaka in 1906, which has been at the forefront of golf equipment design for 114 years, is delighted to announce the launch of its new CLK Hybrid.

The new CLK Hybrid has been designed to offer golfers a versatile, high-performing connection between irons and fairway woods, and will be available at retail from February 2020.

Ideal for transitioning from your longest iron to most lofted fairway wood, the CLK will be available with a selection of 5 lofts, each adjustable by 4 degrees. Easy to strike purely from the fairway and producing a high, efficient flight, the new CLK for 2020 is better than ever when it comes to attacking tight pins from further out.

The CLK Hybrid features a new MAS1C Maraging steel face that facilitates greater energy transfer and faster ball speeds from across the clubface. New dual WAVE sole technology and a wider profile encourage a higher flight and steeper landing angles, allowing you to attack tighter pins. While a wide, flat crown boosts confidence at address, encouraging a more positive swing, while a collection of structural refinements help deliver a more tour-preferred, solid sound at impact.

"Utilizing stronger Maraging steel, we are able to have a thinner face and a more aggressive, flexible WAVE sole, providing faster and more consistent ball speed across the face," said David Llewellyn, Director of R&D at Mizuno.

The New CLK hybrids are available in four RH models (#2/16°, #3/19°, #4/22°, #5/25°) with the eight-way adjustable hosel allowing for up to 32 loft (+/- 2 degrees) and lie set-up options, so there’s scope for every golfer to create their ideal CLK line-up, optimizing ball flight and address position. There are also two LH CLK models (#3, #4).

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