Stephen Mitchell har skrivit bokserien The Bainbridge Diaries, "golf themed legal mysteries" och läser lite bonusmaterial i sina podcasts. Du hittar dem på Apple Podcasts och Spotify, författarens webbplats eller direkt på

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The Bainbridge Diaries Podcasts
If golf podcasts had been around 90 years ago!

These podcasts are a spin-off from The Bainbridge Diaries golf themed legal mysteries – a series of novels where events from the 1920’s and 30’s are resurfacing with ruinous consequences after lying dormant for almost 100 years. And there’s one thing that binds them all - Edward Bainbridge’s former involvement.

Edward Bainbridge was a provincial solicitor who practiced law in Stratford upon Avon from 1921 onwards. It is now incumbent on his grandson, Maurice Bainbridge, to help resolve. Edward’s diaries become his only hope. But on that journey of discovery, Edward’s diaries reveal a great deal more - incidents which won’t necessarily find their way into the novels.

Stephen Mitchell has narrated some of the more outrageous entries from Edward’s diaries - bonus material, if you like. Each podcast will reveal two incidents - one golf related, one not. In the first you’ll hear a question being asked, ‘Is a golfer a gentleman?’ and ‘Salvaged from the farmers pond.’ In the second podcast you’ll hear the case of ‘The starving husband’ and ‘The case of the incoming golf club’. And in the third (there are many more to come) another question is being asked, ‘Is there such a thing as a Reasonable Woman?’  plus ‘The hole nine yards’.

But please do remember one thing throughout. Stephen Mitchell is a writer of fiction, so it’s entirely possible that some of what you are about to hear is entirely made up. He’ll let you decide what, if any.

The podcasts can be found on Apple Podcasts and Spotify, the author’s website , by using this handy link  or, if you have such a thing, “Alexa, play The Bainbridge Diaries on Apple Podcasts” (currently US only).