Det är ingen hemlighet att Tiger Woods är lite petig med sina grejer. Enligt ryktet kan han förkasta en klubba bara efter ett enda slag om inte bollen startar exakt som han vill eller känslan är helt perfekt. Tidigare har man fått ta fram åtta handgjorda set för att Tiger ska kunna välja ut de klubbor som ger honom exakt vad han är ute efter.

Det går heller inte att argumentera mot hans metod. Ingen spelare har varit så framgångsrik som Tiger i modern tid – huruvida det beror på materialet eller inte går förvisso inte att säga, men sannolikheten att slå det perfekta slaget med en klubba som känns perfekt är ju så mycket större.

Som vanligt är det "smakar det så kostar det" och för att få åtta bladklubbor (J3-PW, endast höger) i en skön premiumbox får du betala 22999 kronor. Då får du True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue-skaft och Golf Pride Tour Velvet Cord-grepp. Vill du ha nåt annat får du kontakta någon av de särskilda TaylorMade-utprovare som kan hjälpa dig med en custom fitting.

Läs mer i TaylorMades pressmeddelande nedan och bläddra lite i bildgalleriet ovan. För visst har du väl några tusenlappar liggande som skulle göra mycket bättre nytta i form av lite vassa blad?

TaylorMade Golf Company Announces Release of P•7TW™ Irons—a Premium Set of Blades Co-Designed by Tiger Woods & TaylorMade Golf

Designed to Meet the Demanding Performance of Tiger Woods and Engineered with Advanced TaylorMade Technologies & Processes, P•7TW Represents the Company’s Most Premium & Precise Irons Set to Date

BASINGSTOKE, Hants. (April 8, 2019) — TaylorMade Golf Company announced today the highly anticipated release of P•7TW, a premium players iron set designed and crafted in collaboration with Tiger Woods. P•7TW irons combine the inherent minimalism of precision forged muscle back blade-style irons with technology and exactness of TaylorMade’s Milled Grind sole and tungsten weighting for flight control and unique feel specific to Tiger.

    “Consumers have never had the opportunity to play irons like mine…until now.”
    Tiger Woods

Performance Through Precision
No player on the planet scrutinizes golf equipment quite like Tiger Woods so the design and creation of his irons presented a significant challenge for the design team. With Tiger’s keen discernment top of mind, TaylorMade’s team spent countless hours unpacking decades of learnings from Tiger and Mike Taylor’s previous design experiences, all of which have led Tiger to the high level of performance and craftsmanship he demands today.

Utilising this critical information, the team spent hundreds of hours testing, relentlessly fine-tuning and creating nine design iterations through years of development to create the perfect set of irons for Tiger. When players look down at each individual iron, they’re looking at the culmination of every range session, event, victory and major championship from Tiger’s illustrious career.

P•7TW irons were not crafted as a set — rather, each head has been individually and meticulously engineered to meet the highest of performance demands. TaylorMade’s R&D and product creation teams studied decades worth of club specifications and worked directly with Tiger to refine every sole, every contour and every groove. With an emphasis on precise trajectory control, incredible workability and smooth turf interaction, each iron has been meticulously shaped to meet Tiger’s discerning eye. Each P•7TW iron utilises many of the same design elements such as blade lengths, face height, CG progression, sole geometry, score lines and tungsten weighting, etc., that Tiger himself has in the bag.

    “It's no longer necessary to try to blend a set together from 50 different clubs; we’re able to replicate each one with consistency, from club to club, set to set, every single time.”
    Tiger Woods

TaylorMade’s Thumbprint: Milled Grind Soles
In the past, Tiger would need up to eight “identical” hand-crafted builds of each iron in order to find just one that he could put in play. Now, utilising the same machining process used for TaylorMade’s Milled Grind and Hi-Toe wedges, P•7TW irons feature fully milled soles (for the first time ever in a TaylorMade iron) to eliminate variations head-to-head and set-to-set— ensuring absolute precision in every individual piece.

    “With Milled Grind, knowing that I’m getting essentially the same set that I just wore out is huge. I no longer have to hit hundreds upon thousands of golf balls to find a set.”
    Tiger Woods

Tungsten Weighting
It is not widely known that Tiger uses precise amounts of tungsten weighting behind the sweet spot of his irons to improve their feel and performance. In golf, tungsten is typically used to achieve a specific CG location—however, Tiger Woods is no typical player. Instead, by optimally placing tungsten within the head of each P•7TW iron, they deliver a unique blend of feel, flight and control for Tiger to play his best.

A Premium Experience
Golfers will begin their journey with P•7TW with a premium unboxing experience. Constructed from carefully selected materials, every detail of the P•7TW box has been carefully considered to unveil these irons in a way that pays tribute to the heartfelt collaboration of Tiger Woods and TaylorMade Golf.

Specifications, Pricing & Availability
Available for preorder starting today and available commercially beginning May 1, at an RRP of £1,899 / EU 2,199 / NOK 20,999 / SEK 22,999 / DKK 17,499 / CHF 2,599 the P•7TW will be offered in 3-PW (RH only) and come equipped with True Temper Dynamic Gold S400 Tour Issue shafts and Golf Pride’s Tour Velvet Cord grips. The P•7TW will also be available through TaylorMade’s custom program, allowing for numerous additional custom shaft and grip options.