När Titleist först lanserade CNCPT-järnklubbor häpnade man över det höga priset, men nu har ju även andra leverantörer gjort klubbor i ultrapremiumklassen och har man stor plånbok är kanske en femtusing per järnklubba inte mycket att orda om.

Även den här gången släpper man två modeller, CP-03 som balanserar kraft och kontroll i en progressiv muscle back-design samt CP-04 som är en spelförbättrande modell som sägs ge "ultimate speed" med bättre precision i ett spelförbättrande huvud med en form som ska tilltala bättre spelare.

Båda modellerna har, liksom CP-01 och CP-02, en ihålig multimaterialkonstruktion där materialvalen sägs vara "exotiska" och legeringarna superstarka. Det är också enormt mycket volfram (tungsten som det heter på engelska) i huvudena, nästan 50 procent av huvudets vikt för de lågloftade järnen.

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Introducing the New CNCPT by Titleist Irons

Rare Supermetal Face Technology Delivers Unprecedented Performance in CP-02, CP-03 and CP-04 Models
FAIRHAVEN, Mass. (October. 5, 2020) – An exceptional engineering journey by the Titleist Golf Club R&D team – to discover the most satisfying ball-striking experience imaginable – has led to the new series of CNCPT by Titleist irons.

For Titleist engineers, CNCPT represents an ongoing challenge to redefine what’s possible. CNCPT provides them the freedom to pursue manufacturing and material technologies the game has never seen – regardless of cost – in the mission to deliver a level of performance that nothing else can match.

The latest realizations of this process – the new CP-03 and CP-04 irons – have been constructed from exotic high-performance materials that can take up to eight months just to source. Each part has been forged and cast to the extreme limits of precision, yielding a strike that generates supreme ball speed with ideal launch and unparalleled forgiveness:

• CP-03 provides an astonishing balance of power and control in a progressive midsize muscle back profile

• CP-04 advances the original CP-01 design, delivering ultimate speed with enhanced accuracy in a player’s improvement head shape.

They join the superior blade-size performance of CP-02 in the new CNCPT series – available for fittings on Titleist Fitting Events (see www.titleist.se/events) and selected golf shops (see www.titleist.se/golf-clubs/irons/cncpt)

Every CNCPT iron is designed and engineered to an inconceivable standard of excellence through the following innovations:

• Forged supermetal L-face insert – the thinnest unsupported, constant-thickness face in golf – produces supreme ball speeds with increased launch (mid to low irons). CNCPT irons are the first club designs to utilize this rare, super strong alloy.

• Multi-material, hollow body design allows for optimized MOI and CG placement in every iron through the set.

• Extraordinary amounts of high-density tungsten weighting – making up nearly 50 percent of the total head weight in the lower lofts – provide precise sweet spot calibration and greater clubhead stability. At least 100 grams of tungsten on average (mid to low irons) is used in each iron to produce the most generous and forgiving impact possible.

“CNCPT is the dream project for our engineers,” said Marni Ines, Titleist Golf Club R&D’s Director of Irons Development. “We’re on the journey to not only design the ultimate iron – but actually figure out how to make it. We’ve made a huge leap forward with the discovery of this supermetal alloy – the material is so strong and resilient that we’re able to forge iron faces even thinner than we once thought possible. It’s difficult to obtain and extremely challenging to implement into the manufacturing process, but the benefits to the overall construction in terms of ball speed, launch, distance and trajectory are just astounding.”

The CNCPT series is designed to allow players to construct their ideal blend of irons using any of the three models. The look, feel and performance of each iron provides a seamless transition in any combination:

CP-02: Superior performance with a blade size and feel

  • Progressive muscle back profile
  • Minimal offset
  • Average of 113g tungsten per iron (3-8)

CP-03: Astonishing balance of power and control

  • Progressive midsize muscle back profile
  • Minimal offset
  • Average of 104g tungsten per iron (3-7)

CP-04: Ultimate speed with enhanced accuracy

  • Progressive midsize profile
  • Moderate offset
  • Average of 100g tungsten per iron (4-7)

Golfers can experience the performance of CNCPT by Titleist irons by attending a Titleist Fitting Event, being held at locations nationwide. To find an event, or book a CNCPT fitting with a Titleist Product Specialist, golfers can visit https://www.titleist.se/events