Nya Staff Model och Staff Model R från Wilson Golf är förstklassiga fyrdelsbollar med uretanskal för maximal längd och idealisk spinn. Utöver avancerad teknik har bollarna också fått ett riktigt trevligt utseende med ny grafik.

Den största nyheten är R-bollen, där R sannolikt står för Raw, som är den första golfbollen med olackat uretanskal. Anledningen till detta är att Wilson upptäckt att ojämn lackering kan ge inkonsekventa resultat.

Läs de två pressmeddelandena nedan.


Designed by Wilson Staff Advisory members, the Staff Model ball delivers best-in-class distance, spin and greenside control for advanced players.

CHICAGO, November 17, 2020 –Wilson Sporting Goods officially announced their new Staff Model golf ball. Designed for advanced players around the world, the Staff Model ball was built through direct feedback and critique from Wilson Staff tour professionals. The Staff Model golf ball is designed to provide the distance, spin and control lower handicap golfers seek in their game.

The new Staff Model ball features a 4-piece construction that delivers higher velocities for maximum distance and ideal spin for ultimate control and feel on approach shots when attacking the green.

“By leveraging our experienced and dynamic Advisory Staff, we were able to design a premier golf ball that provides tour-level distance, spin and control,” said Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation. “Featuring a thinner cover and harder core, the Staff Model ball provides higher spin rates on iron shots and holds the maximum allowable initial velocity based upon USGA conformance for a more impressive velocity than traditional urethane covered balls.”

The 362-dimple pattern and cast-urethane cover provides golfers ultimate control and tour-level spin on iron and wedge shots. The hard, ionomer outer mantle and high CIS polybutadiene core delivers increased ball speeds for impressive distance. The Staff Model golf ball also possesses a HPF inner mantle to help give players the soft feel and maximum spin.

Finished with a modern Staff Model stamp, the all-new premium ball joins the Staff Model family of products designed for elite golfers.

Staff Model golf balls will be available for purchase in-stores starting November 17.

CHICAGO, November 17, 2020 – Designed directly with Wilson Advisory Staff members and with direct feedback from the game’s best players, Wilson Sporting Goods announced their new, revolutionary Staff Model R golf ball. A true Tour-inspired ball, the Staff Model R features a first-of-its-kind raw, unpainted cover to ensure aerodynamic consistency and pure, precise ball flight to the intended target.

The Staff Model R is designed for PGA Tour professionals and low handicap players striving to carve out fairways and attack pins. The Staff Model R ball features a 4-piece maximum-velocity construction that delivers long distance and a thin urethane cover promoting exceptional spin for greenside control. The ball’s key feature is a raw unpainted cover, which provides next level precision, accuracy and reliability.

“Staff Model R is unpainted as the dimple cross-section geometry and the pattern of dimples on a golf ball are critical aerodynamic elements that affect the flight performance of the ball in terms of trajectory, distance and directional stability. These dimples are a mere 0.004-0.007 inches deep and super sensitive to the level of paint on the ball,” said Bob Thurman, Vice President Wilson Labs. 

“The painting process can frequently result in balls with poor, uneven paint coverage and pooling of paint in these shallow dimples,” said Frank Simonutti, Global Director of Golf Ball Innovation.  “This can significantly affect the trajectory and the directional stability of the flight of the ball. By eliminating the paint, we were able to eliminate all of the short comings attributed to the paint process used on all golf balls.“

According to Thurman, under a black light, it is very easy to observe inconsistencies and paint pooling in the dimples. “Our internal testing* shows that tour quality balls on the market can drift offline as much as +/- 25 feet on a 200-yard 5 Iron shot. The Staff Model R ball’s urethane cover has been left completely unpainted, creating a nearly perfect aerodynamic surface that can be relied on to deliver the ball to its intended target,” concluded Thurman.

Although the removal of paint allows for ball flight to the intended target, the lack of paint protection may compromise the physical look of the ball. Given paint on golf balls is primarily for glossy appearance, UV stability and stain resistance, the Staff Model R may eventually stain and discolor during play depending on turf, weather and course conditions.

Finished with a modern Staff Model stamp, the all-new Staff Model R ball joins the award-winning Staff Model ball family, designed by and for the advanced player. The Staff Model R ball will be manufactured with highly controlled QC checks on paint and offers the same level of performance in terms of distance, feel and spin but at a traditional level of precision found in today’s best tour balls.

The Staff Model R ball will be available on Wilson.com and select retailers starting November 17th, 2020.

*Results of internal testing performed in Humboldt, TN. Driver test (105 mph) on 7/7/20, 9-iron test (84 mph) on 8/7/20 and 5-iron test (93 mph) on 8/9/20

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